How to Order

How to register and order


Registration method:

Please, follow the below steps to register on Aroma di lamore website:


1- Click the customer login icon located at the top left of the page.


2- Click Create an account or log in with your Facebook or Google account.


3- Add your personal information and register your password.


4- Click Create Account.


After registering on the website, you will be able to order.


How to order a product:

To order products on the website, follow these instructions:


1- Choose the collection you want to buy from and then choose the product you want to preview.


2- Choose the required quantity and click Add to Cart.


3- You can now click on Continue Shopping to add other products to buy, or to review your current order by clicking on the shopping cart.


4- To finish your order, click “Complete Purchase” and it will take you to the order summary page to finish the shipping process.


5- Enter shipping information. Then click Submit Request.


6- Upon successful completion of the purchase, you will see a confirmation message, press the button to continue shopping if you want to return to shopping.